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Kitchen Remodeling & Renovation Contractor In Des Plaines, IL

RemodelProExpert is a trusted name in kitchen remodeling and renovation in the local area. We know how important your kitchen is and our company is committed to ensuring every upgrade meets your needs. We’ve provided hundreds of home makeovers and have implemented functional updates whether it’s a small kitchen or expansive luxury kitchen.

Kitchen Remodel in Des Plaines

A complete remodel is one of the most significant upgrades to your home. We can suggest many ideas or work with your vision. Once we’re done, you can have the countertop, floor, and island you have always dreamed of. We install cabinets, sinks, and backsplashes with a professional touch. Regardless of your taste and style, we can meet your needs and leave you with an expertly designed and built kitchen you’ll cherish for years to come.

No detail is left untouched. We have extensive experience in what details go together. From paint colors to sink faucets, to handles and hardware, to energy-efficient appliances, our technicians work with many ideas to ensure your project is completed professionally and on budget. At RemodelProExpert, we always ensure your investment is worthwhile.

Kitchen Renovation in Des Plaines

Homeowners are often tempted to try renovations themselves but are rarely experienced or informed enough to do them properly. Our kitchen renovator near you can provide the assistance needed to update your countertops with the latest wood, granite, or marble options. If you long for a stone, tile, or hardwood floor, we can be there to help.

Kitchen renovations often include updates to lighting fixtures, plumbing, and a range of materials. No matter what kind of work we’re doing, we’re ready for anything. If something unexpected comes up, our contractors are prepared to quickly find solutions and avoid costly mistakes. Our company has the expertise to enable planning, selection, and installation to go smoothly. We also guarantee you’ll be satisfied with the end result.

Estimating the Cost

When you update your kitchen, you can expect one-third of the price to go towards appliances, flooring, and finishing touches such as sinks, faucets, and countertops. Another third goes toward cabinetry, while another third of the average cost involves labor. Other aspects of kitchen renovations and remodels, such as electrical work, plumbing updates, and demolition and removal add to the total price as well.

The average cost, which varies depending on where you live (in the U.S., it’s typically less in the south and higher in the north and west), depends on the size of the project. Minor updates can cost you more than $20,000, and that’s without any changes to the layout or significant custom design options. More extensive remodels can cost $62,000 or more (and more than double that for luxury kitchens).

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While you can’t expect kitchen remodeling and renovation to be cheap, we can help make it affordable and suited to your taste and style. We work with you every step of the way and guarantee your satisfaction. For more information or to schedule an appointment in Des Plaines, contact us today.

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