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Bathroom & Shower Remodeling & Renovation Contractor in Barrington, IL

Upgrades to your bathroom or shower shouldn’t be taken lightly. Remodeling and renovation work at this level requires a great deal of expertise. At RemodelProExpert, we can transform your bathroom or shower into a sanctuary no matter how big or small it is. Our company provides the convenience of being near you and sticking to your budget.

Bathroom Remodeling & Renovation in Barrington

The average person spends a considerable part of their time in the bathroom. You can rely on our experienced contractor for a complete remodel. We can provide a new layout and spa-like amenities such as a whirlpool bathtub.

Luxury updates include quartz or granite countertops, custom cabinetry, or laminate, tile, or vinyl flooring. If you prefer a specific style or color door, we can install it. we also install all brands of toilets, sinks, faucets, towel bars, and more. During the design process, we can focus on your ideas or provide recommendations that are most suited for your space.

But if you’re seeking more minor makeovers, we can help renovate your bathroom and keep the cost down. A small bathroom might only need the floor to be fixed or an acrylic bath installed in the existing space.

Shower Remodeling & Renovation in Barrington

When it comes to showers and baths, the job can be more complex. There are many options available. Our local contractors in Barrington can help you choose from different shaped tubs and from a variety of configurations. We install standard, corner, and other types of tubs, shower pans, and even name-brand faucets and handles.

Updating a shower can require mold remediation, plumbing repairs and updates, and other tasks that we are up to completing for you. If you’re in need of an accessible shower, we can do that too. Shower seats, grab bars, and other features afford independence in your home. Our team can help you achieve that. Regardless of your wants and needs, we can accommodate you while being prompt, fast, and affordable. Quality is always our highest priority.

Average Cost

There is no cheap option for high-quality bathroom/shower remodeling and renovation, but we can make it as affordable as we can for you. Each project is different. Fixtures, accessories, water damage, and even permitting factor into the final price, while labor is a major consideration as well. The cost of labor varies depending on where you live.

The size of the room and project can determine what you’ll spend. So do the individual products used, including all the hardware installed. Mirrors, lighting, shelving, vanities, and even paint and wallpaper will be on your bill. You’ll even pay to have old fixtures and flooring materials removed and discarded. In total, you may spend over $30,000 for a complete remodel; basic upgrades for small rooms can be as little as $5,000.

The Leading Barrington Bathroom Contractor

RemodelProExpert is conveniently located near you so you can trust a reliable local bathroom remodeling and renovation company. We are committed to excellent customer service and high-quality materials, products, and workmanship. To learn more and set up an estimate, contact us today!

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